Rights and Responsibilities of a Human Person

Human Rights are the basic rights that God us at birth. Every single person is given these rights, no matter who they are. As humans, everyone has rights to civil and political rights, economic and social rights, and environmental and cultural rights. Everyone has the right to food, clothing, shelter, rest, medical care, and finally the necessary social services. These rights are the foundation to freedom, justice, peace, and respect, and they are vital to our society that focuses on respect the rule of law, human dignity, and equality. At birth, we are also given the responsibility to make sure that the rights of every person are respected.

Habitat for Humanity
Habitat for Humanity involves students around the world. This means that students will have the opportunity to be involved in building simple, decent housing to poorer members of the world. People work with places such as DC Habitat, as well as affiliates in the surrounding counties, such as Fairfax, Prince George's, and Montogmery counties, as well as Washington Parks and People.

Economic Rights/The Right to work
All workers in America have the right to safe, healthy and fair working conditions. However, employers do not always follow these laws. Many employers discriminate against gender, age, sex, race, pregnancy, religion, or disabilities.

Health Care
People around the world have many different feelings about health care today, especially since just a few weeks ago; President Obama passed a health care bill. Many people do not have health care, and suffer in many ways from this. If a person does not have health care, they cannot receive certain services at a hospital or doctor’s office. Even though people have health insurance, some of them still cannot pay their bills from hospitals or doctor’s offices.

Food Banks
Food Banks are non profitable organizations that many catholic parishes help support. Food Banks need many things to help those in need of food. They not only need money to support their banks, but also need soups, strews, canned meats, pasta, cereal, milk, and fruit juice. Even though they love when people and schools make donations they do not need homemade foods, perishables, baby food, or soda. Food banks receive donations from supermarkets, companies, and the general public.

The most important right that God gives every person is the right to life. Every baby conceived at birth has the right to be born and the chance to live on earth. It is our responsibility to respect the rights of every human person, even babies who have not been born yet. We can do this by not aborting babies, and letting every baby conceived be born into our world.

Welfare programs
Welfare programs are set up by the state. Food stamps are a part of welfare programs. They allow families to get food without any having to use the income. They allow families to get the nutrition they need without worrying about spending too much money on essentials. However, food stamps limit families on what they can buy.

Right to vote
The right to vote allows Americans to make decisions in the government. The right to vote has not always been a privileged in the US. Even though we have it today, there are still many problems in the voting. In November of 2004, many people had problems voting which deeply affected the election. One right in voting is that US citizens 18 and older are allowed to vote.

Freedom of speech
Freedom of speech is a gift that we have here in the United States. In other countries there are people who do not have that freedom. Many women in countries in the Middle East are suppressed and their voices are not thought of as equal to a man’s. Also race plays a big role in people not having the freedom of speech which is the right to publish writings, talk freely, and having a say in what happens to you.

Question and Answer
What are some ways we can protect our rights and others rights?
We can protect our rights by demonstrating them and being an active member in society. Also to protect others rights we can treat them with the respect they disserve and not take advantage of them.

Why do we have rights and responsbilities?
As humans we were all created in the image of God.Therefore every human is equal meaning one person is not more important than another person. Showing our rights and responsibities is a way of expressing our equality.


What words stick out to you?

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